People, get ready, Jesus is coming! It is not OK with me that of the nearly 7 billion people now alive on planet Earth, that only 1-2 billion are born again! That means 5-6 billion will spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire. Also do you realize that in America currently only 4% of those age 25 and under now attend a Church regularly? Would you agree something needs to change?

I just returned from another ministry trip to the South Pacific. When I shared that abortion has been legal in America and that since 1973 we've "legally" murdered 50 million of our babies it was complete shock for these young people in the South Pacific. I also shared with them that America has taken prayer out of our schools in 1963.

Welcome to my web site! Through prayer and fasting God has shown us over and over again that He has a mercy strategy to turn our hearts back to Him. God is raising up His global prayer movement to take back what the enemy has stolen!

It's called day and night prayer! Jesus Christ is the only solution to our dilemma. Welcome to my little journey into the heart of a lovesick God who is releasing strategies through prayer and fasting to empower the poor and bring TRANSFORMATION to our cities & nations & more!

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