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I walked an hour on a muddy jungle footpath and when I arrived at the village of Maniworasi I was greeted by a fresh coconut and a beautiful sign! I was hot and thirsty so I drank down the fresh coconut water first. As I was enjoying my refreshing coconut a few more villagers gathered and welcomed my visit to Maniworasi village!  Then they led me to their newly installed Clean Water 4 Life water well pump! That's when I saw this beautiful, beautiful sign! Our ministry has forever changed the history of Maniworasi! Because they no longer are forced to walk long distances to fetch their drinking water from a river! This beautiful sign was a way for them to express their gratitude! I was touched by the sign!  Especially that it said: "Now we have clean water for everybody!"   

I actually visited 25 CW4L wells that are team using the new LS 100 drilling machine had completed in June. The village of Maniworasi was one of those 25 wells recently completed in Makira. Grace stayed at a guest house in Kirakira while I went out visiting each village, school, church, or clinic in four differents wards of Makira. I also traveled to some new wards and did many surveys for Schools, Clinic's & Villages requesting a free water well. We are now preparing to send another team to sink another 30 more water wells in Makira! 

I left one morning at 7 am by 40 hp outboard motorboat out to visit schools and villages suffering for drinking water on a small Island called Ugi. From Kirakira it was a one-hour bumpy boat ride. I guess it's always good to ask how far of a walk it will be after our boat arrives to survey each school. What an adventure! The boat beached and from the shore, it was a 2-hour walk back to the school and large community at our first survey. It was worth the walk to meet these desperate Solomon Islanders! Now I'm looking forward to sending our CW4L team and providing three schools, one clinic, and three villages with a CW4L water well on Ugi! So at 6 pm the same day my 40 hp motorboat dropped me off near the Kirakira guest house and Grace had a nice chicken and rice dinner waiting for me! 

So far in 2021, our CW4L ministry has blessed 20 schools with a water well. I'm happy that the number of schools and rural clinics that are contacting me is increasing because they need water! I cannot help but invite you into the joy of giving a school, clinic, or village the gift of a Clean Water 4 Life well! We really need and appreciate your partnering with us! I'm praying for new people to come alongside of what God is doing here in the Solomon Islands! I'm trusting that many can send a $50.00 or a $100.00 gift! To supply one of these Ugi schools or clinic or villages with the entire cost of one well is $3,000.00! Please join the joy with any amount God put's into your heart!  

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