Join us as we stand in the gap for Topeka and surrounding cities in worship and intercession. Join us as we stand in the gap for Topeka and surrounding cities in worship and intercession. The Topeka HOP meets at the Open Way Church at 200 NW Gordon St. 66608. THOP meets every Friday night from 6:00pm.- 9:00pm, This is a city wide prayer meeting and all churches are welcome.

It began in 1998, when Pastor Steve Stutzman was encountered at the Passion for Jesus Conference with a spirit of groaning that was so incredibly profound that he was unable to drive and had to find someone to bring him home. He came to me and said Rick, “We don’t know how to pray, we don’t know how to wait [upon the LORD], and we don’t know how to listen.” So in October of 1998 we began gathering at Open Way church every Friday night, to sit before the Lord and to ask Him to teach us how to pray.

In March of 2003, God showed me a picture of the power of a unified city-wide prayer movement. I saw an angry Ichabod principality that is over the city of Topeka – Ichabod means “the glory has departed.” Next, I saw an atomic missile launched that exploded in the face of the Ichabod spirit. It was a picture of the release of God’s glory that would destroy the Ichabod spirit over Topeka when the church came together to worship and pray.
May 5, 2005, the Topeka House of Prayer gathered for 50 hours of continuous worship and intercession. At the conclusion of those 50 hours, the Lord clearly made it known that He was going to open up the heavens for the river of healing to flow into our community through the prophetic singers and musicians. I have been gripped by this revelation to see a city wide prayer movement where we would unite and worship day and night.

Topeka House of Prayer
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